COVID-19 Yes we are open. PLEASE if you bring your car in keep it clean and wipe it down for us.. We also have been cleaning the steering wheels, door handles, and shifter anything we have touched gets a wipe down with LYSOL wipes.

ALSO We are operating at REGULAR business hours.. However our PARTS are not, PLEASE BRING YOUR CAR IN ASAP IN THE MORNING OR NIGHT BEFORE. We cant not guarantee we can gets parts after 1pm

Welcome to Roxborough Auto Service, the best kept secret in the area. Locally owned family business with 75 years of experience in the ever changing automotive field. If you would like to scheduled an appointment you can easily do that on-line, or call us at 215-483-1534. You can even send a text message to 559-358-4170. How ever, the best way is to call us at 215-483-1534 or 1-800 ROXBORO (769-2676)

For Towing please call Tim’s at 215-487-0977 or Todd’s at 215-483-1929