Check Engine Diagnostics

If your vehicles check engine light is on, or something does not feel right feel free to come on in to Roxborough Auto Service. Our ASE Certified trained techs have the know how to identify and diagnose your issue.

Engine Repair & Replacement

If you need an engine repair or replacement, take your car to Roxborough Auto Service. Whether it is a small issue or a big one, our team of mechanics can perform all types of engine repairs so that your car can get an excellent functioning engine.

We have very competitively priced engines that makes it affordable to replace your engine with a new one if it is too old and further repair is not a good option. Besides, our replacement engines also come with a warranty.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes can help keep your vehicle healthy. It is an easy and cost effective way to maintain your vehicle’s reliability and performance.

When you bring your car to Roxborough Auto Service for an oil change, our ASE certified technicians can check the quality of all fluids and replace them if needed. We offer complete oil change services for your vehicle, and we do it at the most competitive prices.

Small motor repairs

Small motor repairs, such as lawn tools

At Roxborough Auto Service, we specialize in anything combustion. Your mower not running at all or right this year bring it in and we will service it. Change the oil, clean the carb, sharpen the blade, lube all cables and lube points. We can get it back up and running like new!  We also repair riding lawn motor mechanical issues. We can get parts for most in just a few days.

Aftermarket Electronics

Looking to add on some electronics to your vehicle, Don’t be afraid to ask for Chris our top Tech and Owner.  He’s been doing vehicle mod’s for years.  Weather you’re looking to upgrade your vehicles electronics, including sound system, navigation unit, or add a remote starter we can do it all. We have the experience and technology to assist you.

Battery Service

Car batteries are an important component of your vehicle. They need proper care to make sure that your engine and all electrical aspects of your vehicle start and work normally every time you turn the ignition.

At Roxborough Auto Service, we provide complete car battery service to enhance the life of your batteries and avoid situations where you cannot start your car. We believe your car deserves the best which is why we only install reliable batteries when needed. Come to our shop today if you are experiencing any problems with your car battery.